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If you enjoyed my message about JOB. Here is the message on Jonah. I titled it: God is a God of Second Chances." No matter how far away you have gone. He stills wants you and he wants to forgive you. Let's go to Ninevah! Have a great week and many blessings!

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Sometimes it takes a storm to get us back to our senses, back to where we realized that no desire, distraction, or diversion can satisfy the deepest hunger of our souls. And God loves us too much not to send one. He knows what a storm will do, when no lighter form of inconvenience can alert us to who we really are and what he desires to be in us. Count it as a blessing. It means he hasn't forgotten you. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable. www.beunbreakable.com

scripture, death, rich or poor, thoughts, poetry, spiritual, quotes, uplift, thoughts

t can be so hard at #times, trying to do right by people or even life. When you constantly being knocked down for #caring so much. I have to get my quiet times in with God to reboot me because if I didn't. I might end up like the ungrateful and down right mean people I run into or do for on a daily basis. If you're running out of fuel, I #encourage you to pull over and fill back up with #God. He never runs out. Many blessings!

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scripture, death, rich or poor, thoughts, poetry, spiritual, quotes, uplift, thoughts

Yes you teach others - then why don't you teach yourselves? You tell others not to steal- do you steal? You say it is wrong to commit adultery - do you do it? You say, don't pray to idols, and then make money your God instead. Roman 2:21

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poetry, quotes, unbreakable, beunbreakable, spokenword, florida, pain, uplift, forgiveness, hope
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We all know people who seem to be doing well in life and yet mistreat others and look down on people because they don’t have what they have, which is material things, that are here one day and can be gone the next. Be careful not to be envious or admire people of this statute. Everything that shines on the outside sometimes carry darkness on the inside. That scripture alone makes you wonder and the words make you want to change your hateful and judgmental ways. Be a person of value and essence, no matter where you are in life. Pride has taken down many men. Remember that the next time you want to put down or talk bad about someone else. Be uplifted. Be inspired Be Unbreakable

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“I wisdom will make the hours of your day more profitable and the years of your life more fruitful.” Proverbs 9:11; I can understand why the only thing Solomon asked from God was wisdom because with wisdom comes all knowledge. It is its own reward. Why ask for anything else, when wisdom is truly the pot of gold to all mankind. It teaches us obedience, true love, understanding and reverence to God which adds hours to our life. I haven’t asked God for much in life. I’ve just wanted to live the best that I can in his eyes, though I make many mistakes and he look over my children as they go about their day. He’s given me the gift of joy because if I didn’t have it, he knew many days this life that I’ve lived would have been shortened probably by my own hands. I’m grateful for each sunrise and each sunset and as long as I have breath. To him I will always give thanks. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.

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The more you do these things, you will grow stronger spiritually and become fruitful. 2 Peter; I know it can be hard to like people sometimes but if you are on a path of seeking God. You must get past those feelings and love all. Regardless of who they are and what they have done. God loves us unconditionally everyday and we must walk in the faith knowing all will be well when you have God on your side. You may think he hasn't delievered us from certain things, but he has and sometimes those things hurt when letting go but if you are standing in his will. You best believe greater things are to come. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.

beunbreakable, poetry, quotes, thoughts, events, faith, believe, lakeland, florida, poet, spoken word, art

I know people wonder why I'm so obsessed with lions. I love their power, their strength, their values of what family is. Always the protector. My dad was the protector of my mom, me and my sisters and you best believe he will show up if he thinks anybody in our tribe (family) is threatened. Introduce me to a lion (a real man) and I promise I will be his queen. The lion represents everything #unbreakable is about. No matter what life brings, keep roaring!!!!#Beunbreakable #nevergiveup #standstrong#strongeryou #lions #quote

beunbreakable, poetry, quotes, thoughts, events, faith, believe, lakeland, florida, poet, spoken word, art

beunbreakable, poetry, quotes, thoughts, events, faith, believe, lakeland, florida, poet, spoken word, art

Its not faith, if you only believe when it happens. Regardless, of the outcome. You gotta know its all working out for your good if you are a believer. Stay on the path! Be Unbreakable!

A Letter To Love


I decided to write love a letter and ask, why did you hurt me?  Why did you lead me on? Why did you desert me? Why did you knock at my door and allowed me to let you in? Why did you become my lover? Why did you become my best friend? Why did you hold my hand when life was trying to bring me down? Why didn't you walk away before my heart became your crown? Why did you make me laugh all the nights I wanted to cry? Why did you hold me gently? Why didn't you say goodbye? Why did you stare at me, when I felt I didn't look my best? Why did your actions have to prove to me, you were better than all the rest? I just have one more question and I hope you can answer all. Where did love go? Tell me, why haven't you called?


Love's response:


I'm still here. Your heart just stopped believing in me.

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Until Then


You think if I let him in my dreams.
He will love me in my sleep?
I can't keep going back
and forth on rather you will
be there for me.
Truth is, I'm tired and
I've just about given up.
Each day I say, this is the
last time and you always
show back up. 
One day I won't
answer the door, your text
or even your call.
But until that day my heart is strong
enough. Lay beside me
and in your arms... I fall! - Unbreakable 

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This Is For You


This is for the child who's mother runs the streets.

For the child who's being told, you're nothing and you will end up like me.
For the child who's beaten daily and endlessly. By a parent who hates him because they wasn't ready for the responsibility.
For the child who's molested and sexually abused at the age of 3. Who's innocence has been taken in a world that's suppose to be free.
For the child who had a song to sing. Who's lyrics got silenced because of a drunk parents reality. This is for the child who has become a teen. Out in the world lost and wandering. This is for the child who has thoughts of suicide. If you would just hold on and let God be your guide. I want you to know, you're not in this world alone. Just hold on for a little while longer, I need you to be strong. This is for the child who never got saved and gave up on life. I'm sorry you had to die in such a sad way. Rest in peace my child. Heaven is your home today. -Unbreakable ™



Every essence of my being and my heart was poured out to a seed that was not worth the ground it was put in.

I've held back so long a love that was lost that I gave my all to him who I thought was worth my love, my time my existence.

I told him how I was digging him and how I felt he was digging me, but he was not hearing or understanding the circumstances of the words that I was saying to him

Because his heart was cold, the way my heart use to be.

See I was trying to save someone cause I couldn't save me.

Hmmm, what was I thinking?

So now I have a love that's sitting and waiting and I was trying to tell the story and hoping he was anticipating.

And as I was talking and talking and pouring out those thoughts to see.

He told me to hold, as if my life wasn't worth the words that I was reciting...



Strength Of A Woman


I always thought the Strength Of A Woman

Was a woman who had determination

No matter whatever obstacles where thrown her way

It never stopped her from reaching her destination


I speak of a Woman that was humble

Nothing was hard for her to do

Whenever she was approached with a challenge

She just smiled, and said “Thank You”


I speak of a Woman with wisdom

Knowledge no man could ever possess

If he ever crossed her path

He could only bow down and show RESPECT


I speak of a Woman who had courage

Even in a lion’s den she had peace

How can you conquer a woman

When there’s never a sign of defeat


I could go on about this woman

Who had a beauty that was deep within

A spirit that was so rich

That no  one could comprehend


Now you must understand the Strength Of A Woman

Is not her status in life

It comes from the heart, it’s deep within

It tells us, to never give up without a fight



What I Vowed


Lately, I been remembering

All the thing we’ve done together

I know you say there’s nothing left

But the heart says something rather


You can’t imagine all the times

I’ve dreamed and thought of you

Where did we go wrong

What happened to the love that was true


I can feel you sometimes

When you get upset and don’t even care

I have to deal with you not being there

But that’s life and it’s so unfair


I’m going through a lot of changes

Look at me, I’m a new man

I know I messed up before

But what happened to second chances


We vowed till death do us part

So why are we this way

We need to be together

Cause life is too short to waste


So I’ll wait a little longer

Until you come around

I’ll always love you

Those words are what I vowed

I Will Come To You


I sat there waiting, wondering if you were here

I never heard your voice or felt you come near

My heart was beginning to break from the pain of life's journey

I was traveling on my own so there was no one else I could turn to

I drifted in and out as phases of my life appeared

I never saw you there but somehow things became clear

There were times I felt, I couldn't go anymore

I guess I just didn't realized, you were there opening the doors

You held my hand when I thought there was no one there for me

You dried my tears when I laid at night and cried myself to sleep

You whispered in my ear when I felt, that I wasn't good enough

You blew a wind so I could feel your presence and know that you're amongst us

You held me close to you when I felt life was getting the best of me

You told me it will ok, this is just to help you see

That no matter what happens, your purpose will still be

See, I will come to you when you've lost your way

The only thing you have to do is just have faith

My promised to you will still be fulfilled

So, keep pressing forward you will be healed

No man can stop the plans I have in store for you

You're in transformation now, my words are flowing through

So keep doing right, when things are going wrong

I'll soon return to carry you home…


The Difference


We are all bound by feelings

Something that is so very true

The difference in Knowing and Feeling

Contemplates the way I feel about you

I know I love being around you

And what I feel I can’t explain

It’s like I light up on the inside

And darkness will never rule again

I know I will miss you badly

Whenever you say, you have to leave

But to keep you there with me

I have to let you breathe

I know one day I’m going to die

And that’s something I cannot change

But I feel I can live forever

Whenever you and I are holding hands

I know you have a beautiful smile and

Everything about you makes me glad we met

But I feel if I lose you, your memories will be hard to forget

You say knowing and feeling are the same

On that subject is where we differ

I know I can fall in love with you someday

But I feel I’m already there


The Obituary


I read a story in the paper today about a woman who was 35 years old. She was on her own and life seemed to be fair to her as the story began to unfold.

It talked about all her accomplishments and the people she helped along the way.

She always encouraged others and told them life would be ok.

It was rare for you to see her cry because she carried every hurt and pain.

She would carry yours for you and suffer, so that you could gain.

She had a smile that was contagious and a laugh that would blow your mind.


Whenever you were in her presence, you never worried about the time. She had many stories to tell about life that were amazing.

I started thinking she was too young for some of the things she was saying. What the paper didn't tell you, is that she always tried to find love.

She had been hurt so many times, she stopped looking and started doing drugs. She had so much to give and a heart pure as gold, but when she stopped loving, she became very cold.


I checked on her everyday, just to see if she would smile.

She started to lose her radiance and became very down.

What happened to the woman, that was there for everyone else? Whenever the doors closed, she was left by herself.

Her thoughts started consuming her and I even watched her cry.

What I didn't know at the time is that she was beginning to die.


She gave so much of her life and loved those that didn't love her back. She started dying internally from the coldness, the warmth is what she lacked.

I know what the paper said today, she died June 1st, 2011, but I watched my friend die 10 years ago, the day he walked out on her forever....


One Moment


Life has brought me happiness, with joyful tears divine.

Also it has brought me sadness with tears of pain inside.

But just for one brief moment, my heart soared real high

It was the happiest time in my life and those feelings I can’t deny

For one moment, I smiled on the inside and it was something I haven’t

Done in a while

It was intimate, so beautiful like a river flowing without a sound

Now everything has come to an end and I will never have any regrets

I just remember for “One Moment” my whole world was at its best