November Newsletter

Good Morning UnBreakable Souls!

I hope this chilly morning finds you well and uplifted.

On Behalf of the UnBreakable Team, let me extend you the warmest 'thank
you' to all that supported our event this past weekend.

The event was exactly as we hoped and worked towards. We had a group on
talented performers that rocked the house!

UnBreakable kicked off the night with a soul stirring performance...
Creatures of the Night made us smile with their unique pantomime
Tom Middleton & guest shared original music that had  us all
Miss Regina Bernard absolutely took our breath away with some amazing
Rob & Arlene's spiritual dance made us clap and left us in awe...
Chosen Voice came out strong and gave us all something to think about...
Debut performer Anonymous' smooth delivery left our host, Dexter Brown
Kim J did her thing on the sax and other instruments that showcased a
multitude of talent and soul...

Not to brag guys...but UnBreakable's performance was so on
point...especially the collaboration between UnBreakable & Kim J for
'The Way He Moans'...lets just say that Dexter had to remove his

Dexter, our host and local promoter, tied the show together and had deep
moments with several volunteer UnBreakable Souls that graced the mic.

If UnBreakable had a feeling, then all in attendance could tell you what
it felt like. Stay tuned for photos and videos of the event.

Again, we could not have done it without every single one of you that
showed support. For that we are humbled and truly blessed to be able to
provide a place and event for UnBreakable Souls to shine. You are
officially part of the UnBreakable Movement.
Thank You All!

Be Uplifted
Be Inspired
Be UnBreakable