January Newsletter

New Years greeting from Unbreakable

Subject: At the crossroads
        date: 29.12.2012

        Can you really believe it?
2012 is on it's way out and we are flying towards 2013!

New Year, New Years Resolution?

The Unbreakable team was reflecting on 2012, as I am sure all of us
We decided that 2012 was a great year of overcoming fears and stepping
into the paths that we are meant for. We understand how blessed we are
and how great it is to inspire others to realize how unbreakable they

So we wanted to reach out to all of the members of The Unbreakable
Movement to share your reflections and your commitments for 2013.
Without each of you The Unbreakable Movement wouldn't get very far and
for that we thank each of you for your support and all of the love you
have shown us.

So tell us your hopes and things that you have overcome? We want to put
the spotlight on each of you because you deserve it. Each of you have
amazing and unique story to tell and we want to hear and share it!

Let all the heartbreak of years past slip away like sand, one grain at
time and keep the memories that fondly make you smile.
Be blessed in 2013 and know you are UNBREAKABLE!

Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and an uplifting 2013!

Many blessings....

Be Uplifted
Be Inspired
Be UnBreakable