February Newsletter

Subject: UnBreakable News
        date: 13.02.2013

        Hello Unbreakable Souls,

Second month of the new year and I pray all has been well.
New journeys, new ideas, new goals and most of all conquering the fears
of yesterday to face tomorrow. This year we will embark on the 1 year
anniversary of Unbreakable which will be in May. We are in preparations
of looking for a location and seeking out talent for the anniversary
event. It has been a wonderful journey and truly a blessing to have so
many beautiful souls with us as we take this walk.

I was on a plane back from Dallas and as I looked down amongst the
clouds I saw a rainbow. These were storm clouds and even in the mist of
the darkness, a rainbow appeared.
I always try to see the positive in every negative situation and to look
down and see that rainbow, reminded me of what unbreakable is about and
how much work we have to do as people to help others. Be encouraged,
stay encouraged and never miss an opportunity to be a blessing to

A thought for your day:

"Whatever you do, don't let anyone take your smile from you. Put it
on, wear it like it's brand new. Dress it up, change it's color. Share
the imagery of it with someone new. Just remember, don't ever let anyone
take your smile from you." - Unbreakable

Thank you for all your support and if you haven't been to the site
lately. Go check out the changes and new pieces we have added.

Be uplifted. Be Inspired. Be Unbreakable.