December Newsletter

Give the gift of encouragement

I pray all has been well on this journey we call life. With the holiday season upon us we're always in preparation of spending time with family members we haven't seen in years, months and sometimes for the first time. We're in memories of those who are not here beside us anymore and take moments of silence to embrace those thoughts. This is considered the season of giving, but keep in mind our season should be every day not only during the holidays.

Give the gift of encouragement, a shoulder an ear or even a smile to a stranger who is passing by. If you've ever met me personally, you'd know that, that's what Unbreakable is all about. 

I want to wish each and every one of you an Unbreakable holiday season and know that, no matter what comes your way. God is smiling upon you! 

Be uplifted, be inspired, be unbreakable!

P.S. Check out the UnBreakable Swag store and get your t-shirt and wrist band for the holiday season as a gift to another. Many blessings! 


Yolanda - UnBreakable

Be Uplifted! Be Inspired! Be UnBreakable!