Be careful when you wish someone else's life was yours. The life #God has given you should be the#life you should approve upon. Somebody else's demon may be too much for you to bear. Have an#unbreakable Sunday. 

poetry, faith, uplift, inspiration, encouragment, beunbreakable, denied, failure, thoughts, quotes, original

poetry, faith, uplift, inspiration, encouragment, beunbreakable, denied, failure, thoughts, quotes, original

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A Poem For Veterans

Veterans are born from a special breed, they keep us safe from harm


They willingly fight to protect our rights, like the blanket that keeps us warm


They fight for freedom, they fight for justice, they fight for me and you 


They fight to protect our way of life. The red, the white, and blue


When soldiers die many angels are born, in memories we hold them dear


We must never forget the veterans lost, we must never succumb to fear


Memorial Day is a special day to honor the Veterans lost Please lift them high in a special way, some paid the ultimate cost




I know that it takes tremendous courage and sacrifice for someone to overcome their fears and be ready to fight each and every time they are called upon... our Veterans.


Tonight it is my honor to show my appreciation for the  veterans we lost, as well as the Veterans that are still here... I would like to say thank you for your sacrifice...thank you for risking your life...Because of all of you, I can sleep better at night....Thank you Veterans...I Salute You! 


Written colaboration with Sam Langford and Unbreakable. May 2017



Have you ever just took a quiet moment and just looked up and think about all the good times that have occurred in your life? Sure, if you're like me there has been pretty bad times to. But let's just focus on the good because if it wasn't for the good. You would have not had the strength to fight another day. Im glad God places those good memories in me to keep moving when I just wanted to throw in the towel. I have joy deep down in my soul and it gets me through every time. Find your joy and stand in it. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Be blessed & #beunbreakable


September 2017


You can sit back, play it safe and always wonder or you can experience the joy and pain of something new. No matter what you do in life. Pain will always be apart of the process. You just gotta figure out which pain you are willing to endure.#beunbreakable


I thought I was going to bed early but then this message quicken my spirit, so I had to write it out and deliver it. I have no idea who this is for but be encouraged. You haven't strayed that far off course that God can't find you. Blessings!

As I was traveling different places over the weekend. I put it in my GPS to calculate the destination and the time of arrival. Once you get there it says, "you have arrived." Wouldn't it be amazing for God to tell us where we going, what... we're doing and what time we will be arriving? I realized that God has been giving directions all this time and the bible is your map. But God allows us to get lost along the way to gain strength, wisdom and understanding to get us to our heavenly destination. Only thing he doesn't tell us is when we will be arriving. Now, I believe the arrival point is when everything God wants us to do is done. When you've exhausted every gift he has given you. When you've served your purpose, young or old. I encourage you on this journey, that whatever you may be going through. To hold your head up and look around. This is not your destination, so keep driving until that last heart beat and that's when God says, "YOU HAVE ARRIVED!" Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.

Good morning. Today's message is titled: "If I Can? With faith anything is possible." Jesus. I hope this encourages you, as it does me. Many blessings! ‪#‎beunbreakable‬


I went to see #birthofanation today. Such a powerful movie and the history itself of a man who stood up because he was tired of being mistreated, abused and disrespected because of the color of his skin. So many of our ancestors, different races and gender died to make this country see the right of their wrong. During this political season, I've heard the slogan #makethisnationgreatagain. This nation has too much blood on its hands to have ever been great. I believe we can this nation great by being upfront and honest about the #stateofthisnation by being better, putting aside our differences and standing beside each other in the face of unrighteousness upon any man. If it wasn't for the many who have died because they believed in the root and not the branch. We as a people/country would not be where we are today. We have many more battles to fight before we win the war of racism, hate, abuse, neglect and the innocent blood that has been shed that run deeply rooted on the ground we stand. I say, "make this nation a better place" where all our children, generation after generation can live in peace and be treated equally. Thank you for the #historylesson @nateparker and many blessings.

When you spend time focusing on the pain. You miss out on the lesson. Get to the point, you see what's happening. Accept it, learn from it, grow from it but don't cover it up. A covered sore, never heals. Take deep breaths and remember, this is not the end. This is just the beginning of something new. Pain should never be the end its a break through. A solution to a deep seeded issue. It's time to let go, it's time to grow. It's time to step into your Unbreakable season. Be blessed. - Unbreakable


poetry, faith, uplift, inspiration, encouragment, beunbreakable, denied, failure, thoughts, quotes, original
poetry, faith, uplift, inspiration, encouragment, beunbreakable, denied, failure, thoughts, quotes, original

poetry, faith, uplift, inspiration, encouragment, beunbreakable, denied, failure, thoughts, quotes, original

poetry, faith, uplift, inspiration, encouragment, beunbreakable, denied, failure, thoughts, quotes, original

poetry, faith, uplift, inspiration, encouragment, beunbreakable, denied, failure, thoughts, quotes, original

Maybe the journey was never meant to be shared with anybody. Sometimes the journey is just your own. Pray for strength and keep moving. Live out your purpose. ‪#‎beunbreakable‬


We too often get in our own way and  expect someone else to give US, only what GOD and YOU can provide. Confidence, Self Assurance and Happiness are the most sought out commodities that are FREE and can only be purchased within. Your earthly gains can go bankrupt but your spiritual account is always rich as long as you keep making deposits with PRAYER. Have a good night Unbreakable souls. Blessings! Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.

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I asked my son what goes through his mind before a wrestling match. He told me, "I need to win and my team is depending on me." I love his motivation and energy. He doesn't realize he was encouraging me at that moment. We all go through times of doubt and wondering if we're on the right path when we know we have a purpose to serve. It can get discouraging at times. As much as I stay in prayer, you would think it wouldn't. God used my son that day to remind me to stay on the path, because I got too many people depending on me. So, I NEED TO WIN! Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.


beunbreakable, judgement, hope, misfortune, hurt, poetry, quotes, God, spiritual, timing, spoken word, unbreakable

I admit some days I wonder why I even do what I do. People can be so judgmental and critical. I should never have to down play my current lifestyle in order for someone to understand that I truly know what they are going through. I've walked through many valleys for years. Sometimes season after season with no help in sight. I just knew God would show up when it was time. He needed me to experience a pain, a setback, a misfortune in order for me to encourage/help someone else later in life. So, I learned to walk with my head up and a smile on my face while I was hurting on the inside. It has never been on my timing, its always been God's timing. I just learned to hold on. What I'm saying is, don't judge my walk today. When you don't know what I dealt with yesterday. Have a good evening Unbreakable souls! Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.

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As a believer in God. Perseverance means you are expected faithfully to endure and to remain strong in the face of opposition, attacks and discouragement. Always be consistent in prayer so you are fully armed at all times. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable.

I was reading about quicksand today and did you know you don't automatically sink like it shows in the movies. Actually the more you struggle to get out the faster you sink. If you remain still and calm your upper body actually floats atop of the sand. So of course I had an Unbreakable moment. When bad things or life interruptions happen. We get frustrated, start worrying and get discouraged. In return it causes us not to be happy or see the positive outcome of it, if we would just be still and know that God has us. We wouldn't spend so much time worrying about it. I don't know about you but I'm not trying to sink, I prefer to float. So wake up each day expecting the best and just float. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable!

Rose with Thorns
Rose with Thorns

"The beauty of a rose is worth the occasional wound it inflicts." We all know roses have thorns and if picked the wrong way you will get cut but they are such a prize to look at and smell. Some of us have been wounded by love and even though it was a beautiful thing while we was in it, occassionally we have gotten hurt and have allowed thorns to be inflicted unto our hearts. I remember when I got my heart broken. My daddy told me I was a rose with thorns. I carried pain for so many years, that nobody else truly had a chance with me. He told me, only time heals wounds and to just keep living. I'm sharing this because there are so many men and women out there who are roses with thorns and we got to let go of our past and live in the freshness and beauty of today's roses. I pray you and I will find our way through the bushes of thorns and freely love ourselves into roses again. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable. 

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I was thinking about what you told me earlier this week about your life and how hard it has been and how you wanted it to end so many times. I want you to know that I admire you. Through it all you still stand, you still smile, you still kind and you remain humble. If anybody was unbreakable, I would most definitely say it was YOU. I know things look really hard right now, things you want to do and people you want to see and when you look to the horizon, it seems you will never make it over. I don't know what your beliefs are, but I've heard you mention God and that's what makes you the strongest tree in the woods. You're rooted in God and probably don't even know it. That's why you could never take your life because God said, he's not through with you yet. It may look like the sun is not shining but see it this way, God has some really good shade trees surrounding you. Each day of life you're given is a new fight, now get back in the ring. Much love & many blessings!

spiritual, peace, strength, joy, love, hope, poetry, thoughts, beunbreakable

At times I believe patience is becoming extinct. I hear people complain about flight delays, long lines, work hours, family, driving, the weather and last but not least the blessing that we've been given and that's LIFE itself. Always complaining about life. Slow down because we won't always be here and at this moment. Breathe it in and examine the beauty of it, rather its good or bad but there is a light in the lining, if you look hard enough for it. Know that trouble don't last always and to learn from hard times as you enjoy good times. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable. 
#Beunbreakable #livelifenow #enjoyment #excitement

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HOPE is really a powerful word. Lets look at what HOPE does. Its a trustful expectation, especially when it comes to the fulfillment of God's promises. We HOPE that what God done for us in the past. He will do again in our future. When life becomes hard and is standing still. We pray for a rescue and HOPE that God delivers. He may not have done it the way you wanted it, but he did his part. If you're truly a believer you know God works in mysterious ways. Not everything is meant to go our way. You will never learn or gain anything if it did. I encourage you to stay in prayer and HOPE for the best and the best that God can give, he will. Be Uplifted. Be Inspired. Be Unbreakable.

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"You people", he said (speaking for the Lord), were contaminating your sacrifices by living with selfish attitudes & evil hearts and not only your sacrifices but everything else you did as a service to me. Haggai 2:14; Wow! With that being said, It doesn't matter how well you quote scripture, how many times you show up in church, or do community events to be seen and praised by man. If your heart is not right, you will constantly be in battle. You hope for much but always get so little. And when you bring it home, it blows away. It doesn't last at all. It amazes me when God truly sees you are trying with no hidden motives, how he continually blesses you. We all must do a self check to make sure we are standing in his will so we may receive the blessings he has for us. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable! 

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When everything seems quiet, thats when the most noise is being made. Don't get discouraged when you're giving it your best and nothing seems to be moving in the natural. If God knows your plan and you are putting your faith in action. Trust that at any moment doors will open. Wishing everyone a great week ahead and be patient and get prepared for when it does. Be uplifted. Be inspired. Be Unbreakable. 
‪#‎beunbreakable‬ ‪#‎patience‬ ‪#‎stayonthepath‬

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What I love the most about God. Is that, no matter what direction we go in, good or bad because we get lost sometimes; but you never have to ask anyone for a loan because he has approved you with no money down. If you've lost your way. Go back home, the door is always open. You don't need a credit application with him. Your score is always high in his arms. Blessings....

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Woman Stand Up

I can't tell you how many times I was told I was not good enough
Not woman enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough
Not worthy...
I kept thinking that this world was not for me
So I could never look into a mirror to see the reflection of a being
That was not meant to be
Because man told me my existence should just cease
I believed those lies, they manifested and became apart of me
So many years I walked around with my head held low
My hands in my pocket and a story that would never be told.
Because I was cold, I was frozen into humility
Who's bright idea to bring this seed into reality
But things changed...I became dangerous when I started looking into the mirror
Facing my fears, conquering defeats, speaking words of wisdom unto me
Warm blood started flowing through my veins
Waking me up, recognizing my abilities
Speaking up, loving me, holding me down, reminding me
That I am woman, hear me roar
Stand up! Stand up for every time someone told you, you wasn't good enough
Stand up! Stand up because He didn't leave because something was wrong with you. He left because of his insecurities.
Stand up! Stand up because you are worth every essence of your bein
You are beautiful in Gods eyes if no man ever sees it
Stand up! Stand up not only to take your place in this world.
But to be a beautiful role model for another young girl
You should never let life get the best and defeat you
Woman stand up! Because this world needs you.

A selfish mindset will limit your blessings. One of the best things you can do if you're having a problem, is to help solve someone else's problem. Get in the habit of pushing someone else forward. Help them to achieve and as you do so. You achieve your dreams as well. The most beautiful thing about it. Is God blesses your efforts. As I always say, "Be the light, that lights another light

Your thoughts can keep you locked in or set you free. You're only as good as you think you are. So, think you're amazing. You're only as strong as you think you are, so think you're the strongest. You're only as smart as you think you are, so think you're the brightest. Some of your biggest mistakes, can turn into your greatest journey if you just change the way you see things. Its never too late to show up in life, as long as you show up.

poetry, instagram,, reflection, faith, strength, unbreakable

poetry, instagram,, reflection, faith, strength, unbreakable

poetry, instagram,, reflection, faith, strength, unbreakable

poetry, instagram,, reflection, faith, strength, unbreakable

Deeper Than That

Look pass the eyes, the lips, the beauty and the hips. 
Brother you have no idea how my mind is built.
My investment in thought, life and purpose I'm serving
Is worth more than time you think you're deserving
Don't try to think that you can physically please me
Just rape me mentally with wisdom and let your words try to tease me
I'm not looking to have a one night stand
I'm looking for something that's deeper than man
I know the word LOVE is four letters and that I agree
But I think it's all the words in the dictionary that deals with PEACE
We should all be growing from deep within
Living our life with purpose until the very end
So put your knowledge in my veins and let it flow to my heart
That will be the beginning of a beautiful start....

poetry, instagram,, reflection, faith, strength, unbreakable

poetry, instagram,, reflection, faith, strength, unbreakable





I embrace the moments that take my breathe away and I stand in the moments that cause my heart to race.

My mind is in flight and my body stays still. I'm constantly wondering if all this is real.

I'm a woman who knows about the fight of life and I stand in the ring, round after round, night after night.

Is there something in life not meant for me? Cause sleep has always been immune to me.

What I'm   I facing? REALITY.....

What It's Gone Be


It’s not how I feel, It’s what I do

It’s not what you say, it’s how you react

See, this is how its gone be

I’m gone say what I say and feel what I feel.

No more being afraid of how you resist me, because

You concerned about the consequences of seeing me

No more saying I do, when I don’t, no more crying tears of hurt and pain.

When it’s tears of joy that should be displayed.

You say this is the way it should be, I say this is the way it gone be.

No more allowing broken men to dictate who I am,

what I am,

How I am and how I should be.

That’s not what its gone be.

It’s gone be me getting mine, one step, one day,

one moment at a time.

It’s gone be me surviving, living it up, never complaining,

Because someone else thought I wasn’t good enough.

It’s gone be me, doing me,

serving me and most of all loving me...


The Woman That Stood By


You know who I am at the end of the day

I’m the woman that stood by

And said “I would always stay”

I was the woman that cried whenever you were in pain

I’m the woman that said “My love will never change”

I’m the woman who knew with you I would grow old

I’m also the woman that treated you so cold

I’m the woman you called when you needed to talk

I listened to you, but things ended up my fault

I’m the woman that stood by when things seem bad

I’m also that woman that made you glad

I made you see in life, there are ups and downs

I’m also a woman who stands her ground

I’m the woman that stayed with nothing to gain

You constantly hurt me and yet I remained

You made me feel as though, I was nothing to you

You didn’t physically hurt me, but you mentally abused

At the end of the day, I’m tired and angry inside

Yet, I stand beside you with nothing but pride

I’ll still be that woman who stands by her man

But it will be someone else who cares who I am…

If I Was Someone Else


I try to be free and understand the world that is before me

What if I was someone else and my heart didn’t bleed easily


What if I didn’t smile, when I spoke to someone today

Would they see the deception within, the falseness upon my face


What if I told lies to loved ones, like many people do

I’m in love with someone who lies and yet claims to be true


What if I was that someone that cared only for myself

The selfishness would tear me apart, the pain I could not bear


What if I was someone else and didn’t feel no sympathy

No one could take advantage or even try to hurt me


I’m changing into some else, the innocence I had, has gone away

Past experiences and recent pain keeps me in a lonely state


How can you grasp a peace of mind that only longs to find its place

It searches for truthfulness in a world that’s hard to face


I can put on wolf clothing and a body is all you’ll see

What if I was someone else

That someone I will never be




I’m steady trying to love you

But you won’t let it be

I’m trying to come back to you

Knowing you, I don’t really need


All you’ve done is hurt me

And constantly stab me in my back

I’m crying all these tears

From the pain that’s deep inside


I’ve done so much for you

And even put my life on hold

Yet you can’t accept me

And you treat me so damn cold


Soon I will move on

And for you, it will be too late

I don’t deserve this pain

And it’s trying to turn into hate


I don’t think it’s love anymore

It’s a rage that’s deep within

I don’t even want to see you

And you was never my best friend


See, you never had my back

And you never held my hand

Even when it was cold outside

Your warmth I could not stand


Now I’ve gotten the strength

And it’s time for me to move on

I understand a woman’s rage

A man, who’s done her wrong


My Identity


I refuse to give up on what life has to show

I know that love has its place, only I must forgive and let go

To gain a innocence that was lost long before

I see a peaceful place that my heart wants to explore


I wake up each morning hoping to forget

The pain that I’ve suffered, though man won’t admit

You’ve taken away something precious to me

How can I take it back, is a journey that I must complete


I feel cold in places that use to be warm

I feel no emotions when I try to respond

Have I been broken, has it happen to me?

A gift that I carried that has finally deceased


LOVE was my beginning and it never should’ve end

It’s all I had to left, my weapon to defend

And now that it’s gone, it’s a fight I must begin

I have to get it back, it was my best friend


It’s like my identity was taken a long time ago

I’m trying to regain it, though my heart says no more

It’s been broken in pieces that I still haven’t found

I’m trying to put it back together the best way I know how.


If something is gone, how do you get it back?

It’s a battle within me, so how do I defeat my own attack?

It’s a struggle I face as I begin each day

I see myself growing but I’m hurting along the way


You say that I’m angry and bitter inside

I say I’m a woman with unheard cries

To understand me, you truly have to know

I’m facing a challenge of not loving anymore


Excuse me if it seems I’m being selfish today

I’m just trying to find the woman who lost her way

If you see MY IDENTITY please let me know

So, I can gain back the love I lost a long time ago