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Over the years I allowed love to chip away piece by piece. Slowly eliminating pain, eliminating trust, eliminating the risk of even loving again. Love played a bad trick on me. So love doesn't exist in the present, its locked away. Somewhere that I can't even find it. Love made a beautiful entrance and died a horrible death. Who am I to try and resuscitate it. I refuse to let it sweet talk me any more. I refuse to let it make me fall in love on purpose, just to destroy me intentionally. It died a slow death and I buried it at 9:15PM.

He was inhaling my scent and for the first time in a long time, I allowed him to. He was a breath of fresh air and I'm glad I met him when I did. I admire his manliness, his strength and his kind eyes of admiration when he looks at me. Could I be falling? Because this is a feeling I don't remember. A feeling I can't explain. Decades of hurt and pain and now moments of pleasure and love. Did I say love? Is that what it feels like? It can't be a crush because I'm digging him too much for this to be just a moment of lust. It's deeper than that. We connected on so many levels. He knew my thoughts before I even spoke them. He made my heart beat a little bit faster whenever he came around me. I found myself inhaling him, so if he ever got lost. I would find him. - Unbreakable

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love, poetry, words, quotes, unbreakable, spirit, uplift, love, beunbreakable

love, hope, trust, knowledge, poetry, unbreakable, beunbreakable, quotes, thoughts, heartbroken, reborn, words

love, poetry, words, quotes, unbreakable, spirit, uplift, love, beunbreakable
love, poetry, words, quotes, unbreakable, spirit, uplift
love, poetry, words, quotes, unbreakable, spirit, uplift, love, beunbreakable

Love has always been sacred to me. It's rare to catch me in love because when I truly love. I love deeply, truthfully & spiritually. I love with all that I am. My love is beautiful. My love is kind. My love is strong. My love is giving. My love forgives. My love let's go of wrong and hold on to what's right in a relationship. My love believes in all my mate can be. My love is supportive. My love, loves love making. My love is earned, it is not given easily. My love respects the man for who he is and what he hopes he will become. My love is everlasting. My love is UNBREAKABLE! 

love, poetry, words, quotes, unbreakable, spirit, uplift

Man, I Love You,


I want to learn all 346 of your tattoos.

I want to hear the rhythm of your heart beat, so I can write a song to sing to.

I want to watch you sleep, so I can figure out a way into your dreams.

I want to feel your skin. I want to be the lotion you use to rub me in. 

I want to be your chap stick , so I can feel the softness of your lips and heal your dryness. Man, I love you! I'm digging you like the sun passes the moon and say, "I got this!"

I'm in love with you and anything that describes the beauty of your manhood. I'm mentally taking notes, so I can make it all good. I'm in love with you! I'm in love with the way that you walk, the way that you talk and that thing you do that paralyzes me with your voodoo. Man, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU....




That boy was in love with me. He was crazy about the sound of my heart beat. He said I was in his dreams whenever he was asleep. 
My laughter was his motivation.
And my words gave him standing ovations.
Every time he thought about touching me. He felt an excitement that he thought only heaven could bring.
He was breathing me in.
Inhaling my scent so he could find me if I ever got lost between now and eternity. 
I heard him say he loved me. 
In between the moans and the 
pleasures he felt when he layed 
with me. It became a reality when I finally realized that I could give back the love he wanted to share with me.
I was a wounded bird, who's wings grew stronger from the strength of the love he was giving me. I was HEALED by the same disease that broke me.

Is It?


He secretly stole my heart and I didn't even know it.

I'm making plans as a single woman.

Enjoying life and enjoying the moments.

He makes me laugh, he gets me deeply, he holds my hand, even when I'm sleeping.

He takes my thoughts at times when I'm extremely busy.

Its like he's whispering words from far away and I'm listening.

He tells me stories and I'm admiring with care.

This man is amazing, I just want to be there.

My heart has been cold, been locked away a long time.

I was just going through life, not paying love no mind.

Did I say love? Because that word has been missing.

Between man and me, I never knew the definition.

You think that's what I got, is that what I'm feeling?

Someone has got to tell me, cause this emotion has got me tripping.

Let me take a moment to see if I can explain it.

Then you can tell me, if this is what I'm gaining.

When he comes around me, I feel like I'm in the sky.

He lifts me emotionally, I'm always on a high.

And when he looks at me, my heart slowly speaks.

His eyes tells me stories, that my mouth cannot repeat.

And when he touches me, my body just gets silly.

I fall into his embrace and the rest is just too revealing.

So tell me am I right? Is this love that I'm getting?

Cause I didn't think in this life, love would be apart of my living.

So if this is what it is, I accept it with arms wide open.

Cause I can love him back. I'm open for this emotion.


His Eyes


I saw myself within in his eyes.

A reflection of my being.

A queen of his present.

A future of him and I.

I and him... Hmmm..... I wonder what he's thinking.

His eyes told me a story that has never been written before.

They slowed down the flicker of my heart beat and quieted the words that i was about to speak.

His eyes, pulled me in too deep.

His eyes saw my secrets, but had trust enough to know that he would keep.

How could this man have this much power over me?

It's like he sees my soul.

His eyes excite me in a way that oooo, ohhh,,, I'm sorry guys let me think.

Ok, ive gathered my thoughts, now back to me... His eyes were dark, full of warmth and bold.

He spiritually spoke words to me.

Eyes to eyes, soul to soul.

All this happened during our passing and though I may never see him again.

His eyes captured apart me and in my sleep he watches me within.

The Way He Moans


His moans dictated my movements

The excitement of the tones that he made

Excited a part of me that intensified with the way he was touching me

His moans liberated me, his moans enhanced a flow

That had been waiting silently to make an entrance

In a world that was slowly draining me

I could hear as he moaned sounds blissfully in my ear

As if only I had made such a symphony worth the time

That he took to compose and sang to me

His moans made me forget the pains of the day

His moans reminded me of the girl that use to go outside and play

I can’t get pass this feeling that he gives me with the words that he’s not speaking

But yet his moans, his moans are taunting me

In a way that I long to be tied to his destiny

My soul is wrapped up in his ability to capture every essence of my womanhood, my vulnerability

His moans put me to sleep, until all that was left was the sound of his heartbeat


He Gets Me


He understands the woman that I am.

The existence of my being. He gets when I'm silent,

he knows its because I'm thinking.

He gives a love to me that only I can comprehend.

Oh, he gets me and because of that he became my best friend.


We have a love that goes unspoken.

Endless words that excite me

He gets me and he makes me smile

When the world has turned its back on me


He generates a light in me

That no darkness can overcome

This man knows my heartbeat

It's almost like we beat as one


This man fills a part of me

That life tried to take away

He stitched up my broken pieces

And put my heart back in it's empty place


Today I vowed my love to him

And I truly know he has my back

God couldn't have given me a better man

A step above the rest


Our love represents a light, within me

That will forever burn

He gets me, you get it

And for him, I will always yearn.

All I Know How To Do Is Love You


No matter what you did to me and how much I hurt I only knew to love you and try to make it work


I prayed that you would leave, so I didn't have to walk away My heart just wouldn't let you go, so I always begged you to stay I knew you didn't care and I felt it in every touch I just didn't know my worth


I didn't love myself as much I died many times from the heartache and pain

Each day that I awoke, things never changed I knew I deserved better, but I couldn't see my life like that I couldn't see myself without you, so I accepted all those facts I didn't care what the people thought,


I just wanted to be with you Even though I knew you didn't love me,


I was willing to see this through. I pray that one day, I will let you go


'Til then, I will just love you, till I can't love any more...

UnBreakable artwork




I think I met my heart today

And we were face to face

I told him about thing in life

And why everything had a time and place

I was so astonished with my heart

For understanding all my pain

He knew just what to say to me

And said his life was the same

My heart began to tell me stories

That filled my life with joy

But the funny thing about my heart

I was starting to want him more


I knew we weren’t ready for each other

But it was a chance I was willing to take

Till my heart broke down and told me

He could never love me that way

I will never forget my heart

But I had to tell him goodbye

My heart kind of hurts me

So I think I’ll keep him inside





For a moment I was lost in time.

A smile that existed without being questioned

An innocence that was taken, now given back

A brief second of blissful thinking without complications

I know it won’t last long, but to enjoy

the seconds of being the most exciting person someone has ever met.

To be looked upon as a blessing, a desire.


To give your all for a minute without feeling lost.

To be free and understand that this moment won’t last forever.

To inspire, to know right now, someone truly believes in who you are and what you stand for and that everything that ever happened in

your life, lead you to this point.


Now, I must walk away before life takes the joy out of the beginning.

I’d rather be lost in love, then love being lost in me.


I've Known You Before


You give me this feeling like we were lovers before

It's just the oddest thing to realize when something has been missing for a long time.

I buried an emotion so deep in my heart and you dug it up

I muster to fight back these tears of joy

I carried pain that weighed me down from so much heartache

I realize I can fulfill every dream by myself, but one thing I could never figure out, was how to let someone in.


The one thing that was quietly missing

I hide it and I ran from it when someone else tried to teach me

But you, you make me want to learn again, you make me want to know you the rest of this life.

I've never wanted to fight for anyone, but you, you make me want to put on my armor and fight ‘til death do us part.

I dreamed of your smile for many years, I've known you before and this feeling you got to know.


I've dreamed of our nights together, every hug, every kiss and every birthday I feel that I've missed. I don't have much, but I have enough strength to carry us through.

I've seen you in many episodes of my mind, so I know this has to be true. I've embraced your scent, I've touched your skin a thousand times and you just don't seem to escape my mind.

Let me bury this feeling, so that's the only emotion that can be found. See, I've known you before and life is always great when I hear your sound.

beunbreakable, love, hope, joy, life, words, poetry, spoken word


Love Triangle


Desires and thoughts of what we can be

Showers my mind with just the thought of you touching me

You say you can’t see commitment as being a part of this symphony

But why let a beautiful song get replaced with emptiness

When I’m here standing before you with a heart of openness


Your eyes they capture me

They send chills up my spine

And they rescue a part that has been locked away for years, you see

I can’t let this go, I can’t walk away from a feeling I thought had decease


You have awaken my soul, my minds dances around the idea of you and


I and you…..

I know you feeling me, this much I know is true

So let me be your dose of medicine we need

To heal this triangle of love that bleeds…….


The Difference


We are all bound by feelings

Something that is so very true

The difference in Knowing and Feeling

Contemplates the way I feel about you

I know I love being around you

And what I feel I can’t explain

It’s like I light up on the inside

And darkness will never rule again

I know I will miss you badly

Whenever you say, you have to leave

But to keep you there with me

I have to let you breathe

I know one day I’m going to die

And that’s something I cannot change

But I feel I can live forever

Whenever you and I are holding hands

I know you have a beautiful smile and

Everything about you makes me glad we met

But I feel if I lose you, your memories will be hard to forget

You say knowing and feeling are the same

On that subject is where we differ

I know I can fall in love with you someday

But I feel I’m already there



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