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Hello beautiful,

     I couldn't sleep, so I decided to write this to let you know what's on my mind. First I want to tell you that I am beyond thankful that you have come into my life. Being the man that I am, I don't believe in coincidence, so I know that it was for a reason. What that reason will ultimately be,only time will tell. For now I can tell you this. When I do what I can to make you smile, I do so because it makes my heart smile. If I happen to do or say something to make you laugh, I cherish it because it's like hearing my daughter's voice. When I tell you that you're the one for me, that's exactly what I mean.

     I know that you've been hurt before. As a matter of fact I know that you still carry that pain with you in your heart. You take the things I say with good dose of caution because you've heard similar things before. I can hardly blame you. You see, I too have had my heart trampled. Look closely enough and you'll see that I still carry the scars of love lost, no matter how hard I try to hide them.

     I'm a confident man,to say the least. This confidence that I wear was tailor-made to fit me. It is the suit of armor of a survivor, and I take pride in wearing it well. It is a reminder to me of all the hell that life has thrown at me. It is a reminder to me that all of that is now behind me. I was strong enough to survive it all, and I am still here. I see that same strength in you. Not only in your words, but your actions as well. Beautiful as a flower that has survived a hurricane. Maybe a little beaten and battered by life's raging storms, yet all the more beautiful because you did not let it destroy you. All the more beautiful because you are still here.

     Now I know that you don't need me to validate you or what you've been through. Honestly,I would never even try. With these meager, yet heartfelt words I'm simply trying to convey what has attracted me to you from the beginning. You are beautiful, to say the least. Yet beauty that is only skin deep is fleeting. And when you've been through what I have,that kind of beauty is easily ignored. Not this time love. Not with you. The beauty that shines from within you is brighter than the Sun.Softer than the full moon. There is fire within you that draws me like a moth. I am powerless to resist.

     I bet you're thinking, “What is this man trying to sell me?” My answer to that is nothing at all. I can only approach you with the same honesty,clarity and sincerity that I would caution anyone to approach me with. So I will leave you with this.

     I will never make you a promise that I won't keep. I can promise you that I will never take you for granted, because I know how that feels. If I ever put my hands on you, it will only be to hold you. If I ever call you anything other than your name, it will be “beautiful”. For my part, I will never let anyone come between us but God. I am not perfect and I will never claim to be. I will make mistakes and I may stumble. So this final promise I will make to you now is that you have all of me. Completely open, completely honest and completely in love with you.



© 2014 Michael Fitzgerald Anthony

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beunbreakable, work hard, live, grind, poetry, quotes, scripture, believe, hope, nevergiveup
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beunbreakable, poetry, inspiration, love, hope, motivation, encouragement, spoke word, lyrics, nigeria, spain, africa
unbreakable, faith, love, spiritual, movement, poetry, events
unbreakable, faith, love, spiritual, movement, poetry, events